Sonja Marie is a true believer that the spiritual intention of self evolution is to peel away false expectations by using one of the universe’s best tool, the intuitive art of Western Astrology. As it reveals choices, fears, and strengths on our path to self love, we begin to honestly see our inner reflections, and have the power to deeply LOVE the life we LIVE.

Sonja discovered this powerful tool at a young age. Learning the personalities and intentions of her environment helped to maneuver through some exploratory times growing up in Yonkers, NY. The fascinating accuracy of the universes map, clarified we all have a purpose beyond our mere understanding.

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October Forecast

Intense. Direct. Impactful. Centering. Unexpected. The first week of October in our Universe! You may not believe in astrology because you’ve been taught over the... Read more »

Writing saved my life! I have 55 journals of my life’s colors and explanations that document my course. Growing up in Yonkers, NY, I always felt I was from another planet. So, I escaped in my thoughts, my dreams, my ways! Little did I know, an unexpected career would evolve from my zest of telling another what love is, in 900 ways. Enter into my world of poems, songs, lyrics etc. Maybe you can find a piece of you…in between my lines! Don’t forget to subscribe and receive a FREE copy of my eBook: “Thoughts and Wishes After The Storm”.


I can’t stand fear! It is a debilitating force I wish we had a pill to eliminate with one blow.It’s a seductive force society snickers... Read more »

Chasing Shadows

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An Oceanic Love Story

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And I Gave My Love To You

This most public, musical/lyrical claim to MY fame came to me like a miracle dressed in Cross Colors overalls (fashion statement of the 90’s) Kenneth... Read more »

Many admire truth but cringe in the face of honesty! Although perceptions do vary, I believe it’s important to share YOUR understanding of life as you see it. Personal truths have a magical way of altering visions, educating minds and nourishing souls. So, here’s my voice! Although I do not aim to anger another, it just might happen; to shatter anothers belief systems, it’s extremely possible. My voice is of TRUE intent. As an intuitive astrologer and writer, I vow to cement myself in vulnerability to expose what you may not know…and I invite you to do the same. My BLOGS, STORIES, and VIDEO RANTS are my testimonies to an honest life!


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Christmas Day 2015 – Full moon in Cancer! awwww…!

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No More Denial!

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Never Alone!

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