Wordlife Astrology Valentine’s Day Readings Special!

LOVE DAY ASTROLOGY SPECIAL with WORDLIFE ASTROLOGY…! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I wanted to offer up a little love of my own.  For the month of FEBRUARY ONLY…I will conduct  COUPLE astrology readings: 2 for the price of one! This includes a brief natal chart reading of each person…and composite chart reading of how you relate to each other! Sounds like fun, huh? The relationship can take any form: boyfriend/girlfriend….husband/wife….friend/friend…mother/daughter….whatever!  This 90 minute reading just requires any TWO people @ $125.  It’s a great deal! Pull your pennies together and treat your loved one to an experience they’ll NEVER forget. Please share and contact me on my contact page!

Something extra!

The planet VENUS….exudes love! In astrology, Venus represents the action behind love. HOW you love people and things. The way in which you display it and accept it! It is the motivation in which you care for another and their hearts.  Venus also highlights value and worth in your life.  What things you find dear and sacred.

This is brilliant information when it comes to a couples reading.


For example: If your loved one has the planet Venus in the sign of Capricorn, they can be very practical and cold when it comes to how they show their love.  They are more apt to buy you a roll of toilet paper when you need it or come to your rescue at the 11th hour (to them that means they care) A diamond ring doesn’t tickle their fancy.  Some may say, “I already know that about my lover”…well…pin pointing the reason why they are like this via astrology can help you become easier with one another and accept your loved for WHO they are, not what you DESIRE them to be.  There are reasons why certain personality types do what they do. When you know those reasons…you cannot play victim or place blame on one another.  Knowledge allows you to take responsibility for your steps! Do your best to get this thing called love….RIGHT!!!!

Happy LOVE connection to ALL!

Hope to talk with you soon!