Join us for an afternoon of astrological insight and gem stone divinity!
Sonja Marie will concentrate on “THE THREE FACES” of astrology:
Sun Sign, Rising Sign and Moon Sun.
These important components will explain the immediate connections we have with ourselves and our community. By providing your time, date and place of birth, each, participant will walk away with their personal natal charts; knowledge of the houses of our chart that attract love in our lives; distinctive findings on what’s driving our illustrious universe; what’s in stored for the rest of 2015 and more…!

And if that’s not enough, the unique design aesthetics and healing touch of jewelry designer Sandrine Klein will assist you in creating your very own adornment to enhance the healing properties of your Sun Sign. She will explain each birth/gem stone’s protective power and why it is important to wear them.
Sandrine will also share some important tips on how to clean and preserve your gemstones so they may remain activated for years to come.
We are looking forward to sharing a wealth of informative counsel that can influence all to seek the truth from within.

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