The Star of David in our skies!

JULY 29, 2013 begins another AUSPICIOUS time in our universe. You may look at the chart posted with this report and say…”this means nothing to me”…but…it’s kinda crazy! The angles formed between two sets of three planets have formed, the star of David! Typically, in astrology when you have a triangle formed by three planets, it’s extremely harmonious ( It’s called a Trine) . But in today’s case we have TWO triangles sitting on top of each other forming the star. In effort not to lose you, I’m going to refrain from a technical explanation and tell you what I’ve been tuning into all day. An interesting ease has fallen. A knowing and allowing unlike any other. Shit may be falling apart around you BUT we have given up the power to fix it on our own merit. Most fire and air signs are quietly freaking out (not unless you have water signs strongly placed in your chart) I believe there’s no need to panic tho. The universe has been preparing us for this, for years. Through monster eclipses that often look like loss coupled with thrusts of success…we are being adjusted. TODAY is the beginning of a conscious planting. Knowing HERE is where we’ve landed. WE are responsible for the people in our lives. We are responsible for how broke we are. We are responsible for being alone because we fail to trust…WE…are growing from this position of knowing. And if you want to make drastic changes, this Star of David forces you to address the proper prayer. No bullshit! No illusionary tale of what you think you should have from some spoiled, adolescent yearning. Ask for the shit you know is the hardest to do! NOTHING is stopping the universe from propelling you into your grandest self. If you felt a settling happening today, like an imprint on a memory foam bath mat…You watched it and wondered “what next”? You’re on it! Find the silence and look for the answer. ok?! I only pray this hits a cord….I only want us ALL to WIN! love….u