"If I wasn’t the first to jump off the cliff and survive, most of you wouldn’t have the guts to fly!"

Aries, the ram is a natural born leader! Always impulsive, spontaneous and headstrong. Quick to anger, support a fight and share unwavering opinions. They often remind one of a left lane driver, barreling down the highway of life with one mission in mind…”get to the destination!” The problem is, there’s is no true destination and if they move too fast they may miss some magical moments along the way. Aries people are risk takers and initiators who don’t mind failing multiple times. They have enough energy to start another project with equal amount of vitality. They can be quite self absorbed and independent. They believe that every person should take care of themselves. If for some reason  they can’t obtain what’s desired, they are willing to go without before they consider themselves a burden on someone else. This fire sign is very accepting of unique personalities. They believe everyone has a right to express themselves however they choose as long as it doesn’t impede on the livelihood of another. They often lie to protect their fierce aggression and one-sided ways but if you can’t handle it…they’ll never beg you to stay. Often called “the baby of the zodiac”. Wanting his/her way and sometimes impatient when results are not shown quickly. The ego forces them to react with juvenile expression by believing no one understands their motives when the reality is, their motives less then often include the concerns of others. Their energy burns fast and then crashes. They often times take naps throughout the day to rejuvenate their batteries. One major spiritual lesson would be to conserve their expression when it’s necessary…not everyone or everything deserves such a fierce reaction. Ruled by the head, it would be wise to pay attention to headaches and head injuries. When the body gets the message…the soul is already imbalanced. I love Aries for their bold, inventive ways, if they didn’t exist…nothing would get done!

Burns like a match on FIRE: Quick and Fast

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"I’d rather have one Bentley then seventeen Fords; Quality is everything!"

Taurus, the bull is a very gentle, steadfast, stubborn and methodical soul. They walk through life with an assured step, always dedicated to the decisions and the responsibilities that come with them. Often accused of sticking to routine; “…If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”…can be adopted as their mantra. The danger with this ideology is that life is all about change, and Taurus have the hardest time bending with evolution. They fear the new and exciting because it hasn’t been proven tried or true. Their peers seemingly excel in life faster than they do; cautious about the adventures a rocky road can take them.  However, to their credit, when everyone else is exhausted and old from the fast paced race, a Taurus will bring up the rear with vitality, clear thinking and proper health to last another mile; slow and steady wins the race. They plod through life like martyrs at times, taking the blows for others and lending to their shine. Dedicated to friends and family like their lives depend on it. Strict people of their word that find the contrary action appalling and considered deal breakers to an existing relationship. However, they can find it quite difficult to relinquish alliances that no longer serve them. Emotionally draining relationships seem to stick around a little longer than they should, as the bull gives more chances then needed. Taurus’ are down to earth with a no-nonsense approach to life, saying exactly what they mean with sincerity and strength. They love to spoil the people they love with quality gifts but can also be thrifty at times. They’ve spent time and energy finding exactly what someone needs at half the cost. However, they are considered true manifesters that can respect money and the value it can bring to someone’s existence. Often artistic and very musical…they marvel in the beauty of the notes and the colors of the song. The have a love affair with food that’s far from gluttony. The Bull admires the presentation and the beauty of food that enhances their desirable nature. They make adoring mothers and dependable fathers. Always present when needed but far enough away for their children to experience their own journey without being overprotected. I love Taurus’ for their unrelenting devotion. If there weren’t solid bulls in the world, the notion of loyalty would be a mere dream.

Rooted in stability, like the EARTH.

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"Nothing can multitask like my beautiful mind!"

Gemini is the master communicator of the zodiac. They are blessed with the gift of convincing you of anything you once thought was absurd, and now, will  quickly spend money for it. I usually say this acceptable bipolar twin will sell you ice in Alaska. They know exactly what to say to charm you out of your pockets and hearts but can possess the same dedication in degrading your character with words that slice open your throat and leave you gasping in apologies. They stand by their word with or without your approval. Simply, in their brilliant minds they have convinced themselves that their truth is all they need. Often quite intelligent and insightful with the ability to conduct several different projects at once. This air sign displays a heap of mental acrobats that would shatter the confidence of Albert Einstein. Gemini’s also have an extreme kind side to their nature. They will support you in almost any endeavor, even if you’re wrong. They service your needs to perfection by providing you with information and ego boosting compliments. Believing in the adage, anything is possible if we put in equal amounts of energy to produce it, together. These social creatures are always excited to throw a memorable party making sure the needs of each guest is met. However, please refrain from deep, painful, childhood conversations. They’d rather keep the mood light and superficial because feelings are confusing and a bit too ambiguous for their taste. They often times root for the underdog, especially on sociopolitical issues. The facts are what matter to them and justice is one step away from proving it. Their lungs and stomachs usually suffer due to nerves. So dear twin, laugh and visit those deep seeded issues every now and again so you don’t end up with an ulcer. I love Gemini’s for their love of information. Anything you wanna know, ask…if they don’t know…they’ll enthusiastically find out for you.

AIR sign of Informative Accuracy

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"I feel the pain of the world and retreat to silence for strength"

Cancers are the supreme nurturers of the zodiac. Always willing to share their homes scented with candles and food; caressed with ambient lighting and your favorite chair. Always kind and available to listen to a heart in need. These crabs are extremely sensitive because they have perceptive antenna that scan their environment as they tour the planet. Often times picking up on the emotions of others and unknowing counting them as their own. They are also ruled by the ever changing moon. Experiencing an array of emotions on a daily basis. As the moon changes, so does the mood. Never a predictable moment in the life of a Cancer. Often times they protect themselves against emotional over exposure, by shutting down and hiding their feelings when empathy becomes too much to handle. Some may classify this as an unwelcomed attitude but this method actually rejuvenates them to return to their loving self. Nostalgic for the past, they find comfort in living in the memory of what was, opposed to the uncertainty of what could be. Emotional manipulation is a true tactic for Cancers. They know how to change the mood of the room instantaneously in hopes to get what they want. Often times if they don’t receive what’s desire they sulk in defiance, holding on to their love in a miserly way. A shrewd business person with a tender touch. I bet it was a Cancer that came up the line, “…just business, never personal”! However, never cross a crab.  When backed up into a corner, they come out swinging with reckless abandonment. Sacrificing a claw to preserve the rest of the body, is never a second thought. I love Cancers, you can trust them with one of the most important things in existence…your heart.

Deep emotional changeability that flows like WATER

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"If I didn't shine, no one would have light"

If you ask a Lion does the sun rise on their command, you would receive a resounding, YES!!!! Besides it being the ruler of this sign, they actually take the responsibility of being the source of which all others remain content. They provide light, energy, jubilance and joy wherever they go. They adore attention and admiration to validate the effort they exude in being the absolute best they can be at any given moment. Even though they can appear to be self centered, they are happy to return the praise.  Leos are proud and loyal friends, willing to be a cheerleader for those they believe in. Lions possess a radiance in their eyes that’s infectious and desired.  Naturally gifted with a physical beauty that eclipses any room. Leos are self confident in everything they do. Even if they’re ill equipped and prematurely assigned a project, their courage will propel them to excellence. Often times they suffer in silence. The majestic lion is adamant in protecting their faults. Only a select few are chosen to see them vulnerable and weak. They refuse to appear publicly until they are feeling exuberant again. Leos are generous, affectionate, charismatic and often theatrical in their behavior. This fire signs burns with a vast array of colorful expression. A lover of children, creativity and joy! They feel safe behind the guise of play because life should never be too serious. Immaturity often surfaces when their egos are bruised. Leos are sticklers for quality and extravagance. The finer things in life reflect the value system they stand on. If you cannot live up the their standards, you may be dismissed. Lions are opportunist but hate to admit it. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to utilize others to advance their status. I love Leo people for their bravery and willingness to shine their light regardless of popular opinion.

Burns in dramatic flames of color: yellow, blue, and white FIRE

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"When it's organized, it makes sense"

Planet Earth would be in a complete and utter mess without the talents, gifts and concerns of a Virgo. This precise Virgin takes pride in keeping meticulous records of everything that enters their world. They work tirelessly to complete assigned projects and almost never ask for recognition in return. Although perfection is an unattainable illusion, they are convicted to receive some semblance of it. Often times their personal growth is stunted when they realize their plan to succeed is not laid out in an ideal manner. They must remember that life is unexpected and change is inevitable. Flawlessness may be a fault in their personal sector when someone they love fails to match it. They have a tendency of picking their beloveds apart with criticism. When their false expectations are not met, they tend to fall into denial as a protective measure not to notice the imperfections. However, they are extremely sensual beings tuned into the world and it’s occupants visceral needs. They believe in soft touches and intellectual stimulation. Completely service orientated, they often do more for others than themselves.  Virgos must remember to take better care of themselves.  It’s impossible to care for those they love when they are drained lifeless.  I love Virgos for their ability to compartmentalize life without too much ego…they relentlessly focus on the greater good.

An anonymous service to the EARTH

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"The beauty of balance, is accepting the imbalance "

Dear charming Libra! The epitome of beauty…the aroma of grace. They float with class and dignity and smile with respect and pleasantry, until someone pisses them off! Once the storm is over, they’re inviting you to lunch. What angers them most is the act of injustice and an inability to see the importance of a win/win situation. Libras are the ultimate diplomat which advocates for the underdog. They make accomplished politicians who consider the bigger picture with an emotional detachment that keeps personal opinion at bay. However, they have the tendency to be in constant indecision until they’ve weighed each pro and con, thoroughly.  They often times miss the boat on great opportunities because their fear stifles their thinking. They will often times feel that regardless of what they do, they should’ve decided otherwise. Libras rely on the balance of partnerships. The need to communicate their thoughts with someone they care for helps to find other ways of dealing with life’s puzzling questions. Those without a strong sense of self find pain in existing without someone close to bounce ideas and share the beauty in the world as they see it. They have a tendency to play victim. Blaming others for their selfish behavior without realizing that difference makes the world go round. Libras are leaders of the mental plane. They have the ability to think of a master plan carefully executing it, especially if they capable people to carry it out. I love Libras for respecting the art of allure. A Libras intention is to ignite a room with a continuous mental seduction.

AIR sign master mind composer

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"The moment I lose interest, I will destroy it and build something better! "

The dynamic personality of the Scorpion is often misunderstood. They appear to be very mysterious, often times sneaky. More communicative signs become frustrated with the need to receive more information from them because it makes them feel comfortable about their own choices and thought process.  Many do not have the patience to allow a Scorpio to obtain the trust needed to share their souls. The depths of the ocean is where they dwell and all feelings are kept sacred there. If you are privileged to be invited, you must handle their hearts with care or revenge is theirs. There’s no hiding your truth from these intuitive individuals. Their often have beautiful, piercing eyes which search with intensity. Passion and determination is embedded in their skin which allows them to complete projects with fierce efficiency. Unafraid by the power of transformation, they often break things down with purposeful drama, just to have the pleasure of building it up again. When Scorpios become bored, they will consciously destroy something they built to engage in something new.  To most, the latter action looks borderline “nuts”, but the magic in their intention is the concept that nothing last forever so we might as well initiate change. A loyal friend until their last breath but can be a bit controlling at times. They try to control another for the mere reason of not wanting to get hurt; ultra sensitive souls.  Sexy, sultry and real. I love Scorpios because they are fearless with their emotions and continuously dare you to live your purpose.

The mysterious depths of the WATER is where I reside

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" I can always make the best of a bad situation!"

In order to have a great party, you must have at least one Archer in the place. They are ruled by the largest, most optimistic planet in our solar system…Jupiter. A gigantic ball of abundance and good times.  Always thriving on the notion that life is filled with many possibilities, seeking the light in every available situation is a constant high. Often considered overly hopeful, they seem to promise a little more then they can deliver. They need calendars to remain realistic about their time and obligations. I’d bet $20 most of the “real life” comedians such as Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor etc. were born under this sign. They have the uncanny ability of making the best of a bad situation. They use wit and sarcasm to bury painful situations. However, they do lack tact, always direct and to the point. It’s safe to say they suffer from “foot-in-mouth” disease. Sometimes selfish & very unapologetic for it…”oh well…if they hate me today, I’m do something to make them love me tomorrow…they’ll be alright!” A lover of knowledge and research…a true scholar on life.  However, they are slow when using information they’ve acquired to better themselves. To notice a flaw or need to change oneself admits there’s a problem in their almost always jubilant nature; life is way too short for a Sag to have a problem.  Educating one’s self on cultures and philosophies is the ultimate power in their eyes. As a professional student, they are fascinated with anothers ability to adapt to lifestyles far from their own. This adventurous spirit loves the outdoors and traveling. A true, convincing talent that craftily uses sheer will to get what they desire. I love Sagittarius people, they harbor such a steady, yet penetrating fire that invites the dead to wake up and…play!

My FIRE burns like an idle on the stove: Constant

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"I can't stop to show you how sensitive I am, I have way too much work to accomplish!"

The ambitious goat will only stop when they reach the top. They assuredly place their hooves in the smallest crack of the tallest mountain, calculating the success of their next step. Tirelessly is the only way to work. Leading a crew of dedicated supporters is a piece of sweet potato pie.  They marvel in leadership positions properly assigning and executing the right people for the right jobs. Remaining practical and keeping emotions at bay guarantees progress; who has time to cry? Caps are controlling and determined to get exactly what they want. Proving their excellence and reinforcing their priorities, seem more honorable then establishing a hefty social life. Periodically, friends may be used in a practical manor to assure the perfect outcome.  Everyone and everything has a purpose in their lives which leaves them little time for frivolous actions.  They may not be there when you want them, but they’re there when you need them. As children they were serious types. Understanding the role of responsibility and hard work. They often become younger as they get older. Relaxing in the assumption that life is not always filled with tradition and routine, but a little fun creates memories that last forever. Often times judgmental but fair to examine truth. Their opinion matters greatly as a result of examining many thoughts and surrounding actions of those they admire.  However, if you can prove them wrong, your stock will shatter the roof and you will forever be revered in their eyes.  I love Capricorn folks, they keep your feet planted and your head up, when the world tends to take an idealistic ride.

I step with caution on my EARTH walk

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" I know everything there is to know...!"

In walks in the true humanitarian of the zodiac. Aquarius loves all things universal, mother earth, animals, plant life….essentially anything or anyone within an acceptable “hearts distance” in order to control their emotions. It’s preferred to service others within a group setting because there’s potentially less confrontation. Individual attention allows others to become reliant on them…and freedom means more to them then air. Friends are extremely important in their world because they are chosen. Family could be difficult to deal with because of the potential vast difference in opinion, and as a true rebel, no one has the right to question them on their individualistic movements. However, their rebellious nature almost always seem to create a debate. If you say right, an Aquarian will say left…without little reason…just because you mentioned the contrary. The Water Bearer has an insatiable need, “to know”. In fact, within any conversation, an Aquarius will always mentions how much they “know”. The intellectual prowess of this sign surpasses most. Their cerebral appetite is endearing until ego grabs a hold and turns it into overbearing arrogance, they must be careful of this flaw. Our worlds most talented inventors and technical wizards. They come up with the most bizarre and unusual ideas that change the future. Forward thinking and adventurous, they are dreamers on a mission. Lovers of astrology, the metaphysical, & computers. They always see the power in the unknown and will rally behind with proper thought and the zest for possibility. I love water bearers, because they never judge the unusual and always advocates personal truth.

AIR sign of decision

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" I remind you of compassion, while the world reinstates hate!"

The compassion of a Pisces is insurmountable. Their capacity to care for another is unlike any other. The uncanny ability to feel the feelings of another and respond to their hearts desire, is a gift almost beyond human nature. However, they are so empathetic, they often take on others pain to the detriment of their own health.  The Fish include the majority the of addicted personalities present because they would rather harbor the negatively felt within themselves then project it on anyone else. They should ritualistically cleanse their bodies and auras by the ocean; salt water bathes; light stretches and/or meditation.  These healthy practices will help them remove unwanted tension built up around them. Pisces are often bored with life and the antics of the Earth’s power hungry existence. They have reincarnated many times before and seem to be on their last tour as a human. They often times know exactly what’s going to be said and could be seen drifting off into space as a way of “checking out”. This protective mechanism creates sanity in their world.  Other grounded signs may perceive them as air headed and naive but ask them a question about almost anything you would like to quiz them on, the genius in them will shock you and regurgitate everything mentioned.  Passive aggression suits them fine…why get blamed when they can make it seem like it’s what you wanted in the first place? They hide behind responsibility in fear of being rejected or chastised.  A chameleon of sorts, able to adapt to any situation thrown at them. They shape shift to their circumstance in order to make life easier.  I love Pisces people, they position themselves to brace your fall…quite anonymously.

Absorbant emotional abilities drawn by every body of WATER

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