October Forecast

Intense. Direct. Impactful. Centering. Unexpected.

The first week of October in our Universe!

You may not believe in astrology because you’ve been taught over the years that no ONE thing should go before GOD…Spirit! I completely agree! However, energy is energy and God controls it ALL! If you don’t believe or understand….this week may change your mind as we witness a forceful surge coming our way. Now, what’s not predicted, is how you will respond to this mass of “oh shit!”, ! Let me “ ‘xplain Lucy”! :0)

Pluto, the planet of power, transformation, I lovingly call “the tasmanian devil”,   is in direct alignment with two prominent planets that could throw a wrench in our plans;  Uranus, the planet of innovation, unexpected happenings, rebellion, and  the sun,  the planet of ego, our core self.  There’s an interesting dance about to happen.  Pluto’s forcefulness wants it’s way.  However it shows up in your life, you will definitely recognize it because it’ll be unstoppable.  Whether it looks like your family member, your partner, your job situation etc., they’ll come with so much conviction and definition, they can hardly go unnoticed. When this collides with Uranus saying, “yeah, you might have an opinion, but how about I trip your ass and make you fall face first while wearing your best outfit in front of someone you’re trying to impress?!”  Well, the war begins! Then, the “oh so” powerful Sun walks in with ego and undeniable presence,  suggesting we all pay attention to him/her and becomes offended if not recognized. ( I do hope you’re following me ) This week is like the proverbial “trick bag” my girl Teena talked about.  Please don’t get swallowed up.
Power + Un-expectation + Ego = an unnecessary emotion disaster.

Simply put, people and/or situations will be pulling at you in a very demanding way.  Then all of a sudden a crisis will ensue and demand you about-face and pay attention to it.  You may feel a “spin out” (there’s a lot of quotations in this write up…hehehe) and want to scream….”what about ME! What about MY needs!” Before you get there, as you feel it brewing, do one of two things; go outside for a walk around the block and let the sun fill you with some good stuff or close your eyes and count to ten knowing you cannot perform miracles and your best is all you have in the moment.  See, the thing is you may feel required to go above and beyond what people are asking you for.  It’s not your job to be a “SUPER HERO”. Sometimes, you have to bow out! Tag a team member and say…”you got this one chief!” Choose your battles PLEASE! Another thing, keep in mind, we’ve all been through a whole lot worse within the past 3 years.  I mean, I could really write a book on the planetary actions that promoted some crazy reactions in the past few years.  So, if you’re alive and reading this, and you handled that…you can definitely handle this temper tantrum that may spark up in your life this week.  Just know it’s not always about you and sometimes saying NOTHING is better than proving you’re right. The truth will be found out sooner than later. 

Like my mother always says…

“Whatever is in the wash….will come out in the rinse!”

Hold on loved ones! Enjoy the crazy ride called life.  It’s spontaneously beautiful!