No More Denial!

Reluctant is the word of the day. Apprehensive of sharing what’s really on my heart and  mind.  I hide behind 50 journals I have proudly claimed since I was 10 years old.  It’s very easy to grip their friendship as the savior to my soul.  They don’t judge me, react to my faults, cuddle my tears…I just write and throw her to my bed sheets in finality.

But, today, I was called to share.  Some may think I’m a bit looney after reading my accounts, it doesn’t matter.  Those that REALLY know me, know I’m present, clear and compassionate to a fault.  I SEE!

There’s an invisible force hovering over many.  It’s sneaky like the ominous lover you slip and fall on, every other Saturday night.  It’s an air of yesterday, a pulling of sorts.  A secret whispered in your ear forcing you to remember the grime you went through in order to pull your strength for today.  This “thing” proposes solutions that look like malice, suicide, failure, uneasy to resolve.  It wants you to fear.  The proposition positions you as the student and that energy as the teacher.  Convincing it’s pupil they have not learned enough to pass through your current gate of passage.  Shit IS hard for many but this ain’t the first time and it ain’t the last.  Turn around over your right/left side and look this mass of trickery in the eye. Rotate your shoulders, up and behind you,  and bellow loudly, “GET THE FUCK BACK!”  Know that YOU are more powerful then it may seem…today!

Now listen. If none of this is your reality, and the presence of buffet style “positive affirmations”  presented on social media…..(yes, I’m judging)….. seems to keep you afloat….go with it.  However, NEVER be afraid that the truth of pain lurks when you least expect it. “Stay up!”…. in every sense of these two words and never be afraid to turn around and look the devil in the eye. They have nothing on you when God has already set HIS dominion in place.  In my opinion there’s positive knowing and positive denial.  Live and work through the hardest times so you may taste the rewards. Go to church, hug your children, get an astrology reading, make love ALLLLLLL night, eat heathy foods without bragging….LIVE IN THE LIGHT and strive so your angels and guides may  recognize your dedication to the life you were given.

I write this in convicted tones because I’m tired.  Exhausted by the suicides that climb in number. The denial I receive when folks come to me for an astro reading and proclaim they are doing well while wanting to be validating by the good things they’ve been doing  as if as a “healer” I posses some imperious crown! STAY DOING THE WORK!!! It ain’t over til God says it’s over.  I’d love to share a bottle of wine with you at the end of this little hill to celebrate our courageous movements.  Stay aware! Never Fear!

If you feel so inclined, DO SHARE THIS! We might save a breath.

AND KEEP ON MOVING!!!!!!!!    That’s ALL! :0)