I can’t stand fear! It is a debilitating force I wish we had a pill to eliminate with one blow.It’s a seductive force society snickers behind another’s back to control, manipulate and falter in in shame. I will present a machete to it’s brain every chance i get.

In Comes Fear
With Reality as your low
Although it’s invisible, debilitating and too damn comfortable
It continues to wreak havoc like gangrene on the crops of your core
And defecated on history like,
“I wonder what happened to…”
It’s so embarrassing even though we all have it and carry it like a weekend stash through the
“Hope they don’t find it,
You know I gotta smoke it,
God forbid, we need this illusionary support…!”
Fear sits and grips the most courageous fist into beating itself!
The Godzilla of doubt
The poppy field of yield
The minister to the poor that keeps you sitting on your ass
I’ve watched the powers that be infuse it within the Chem Trails
And seduce us onto other levels with,
Methadone that don’t work
Death in a Newport box and
$8,000 grills…
A’int you scare if you don’t sell?
This emotion has gotten us twisted
Into military enlistment
Mining our ALL,
For their 1/8!That’s one sick trick or
Maybe it’s so thick in our cellular membrane
Mama would literally scare the shit out of us with one simple,
Snap – Stare – & Lift (of the hand)
Leave you trembling in low self-esteem,
peeing in the bed,
not expressing your being,
Creating an opening for anything…!
I’m sure not questioning moms…
Because of it, there lies in a puddle of indecision an overworked garbage man
Because of it, there lies in a barrel of red tape an obese Olympian
Because of it, there lies in a tub of loneliness a battered woman staining her children’s’ dresses
blood red
What does this say?