Christmas Day 2015 – Full moon in Cancer! awwww…!

family & graffiti lightsThe auspicious allure of Christmas lights excites my sense to dream, look for magic and stare into their flickering display of wonder and possibility…one of the elements of Christmas I cannot get enough of.

This year, a full moon in Cancer falls on December 25…absolutely divine! An accumulation of emotions will begin to burst at the seams come Christmas morning. Cancer represents everything familial so joy in the morning is yours to have. Lean into the sensation of requesting your favorite family meals, playing games with the children, staying in your pj’s allllllllll day…because you’ll definitely feel like it. There may be a desire to overeat and drink til you drop. If you must, be safe and drink a lot of water. Cherish those you love over all else. The most expensive gift or the amount of gifts far from matters. This will be a day of connecting and rejoicing. Stay away from lamenting what could be and accept everything that IS!

On the flip side, full moon in Cancer can cause some unwanted emotional eruptions as well. Feelings are heightened a bit so try not to take everything personally. Ask people their intentions behind things that are said and believe them. We often times find the courage to ask hard questions and stay in our own head about the answers given. Christmas Day is the day to let the unnecessary go! Nurture, listen and stay open-hearted with each other; you’ll create memories beyond your wildest dreams…might even shed a tear or two…of happiness!

Happy Holidays and continue to spread LOVE!!!!!