Chasing Shadows

This song appeared like a ghost….a shadow. On the cuff a bad relationship in which I
wanted to remind myself of why I was so tired. So many wanted to ejected me with
energy to deal with something that was already dead. Chasing shadows is a waste of

Chasing shadows could be exhausting

Stuck in my time
I’m grown up and fine
My titties on sag
The womb that just had
your baby, that’s swag
You feel in control
And you say that you know me
Watch the moon glow, it feels like

Line after line
Never put up a fight
I sucked your dick
I can’t say you warned me
I just wanted, your moonlight
It’s so promising tonight
Chasing shadows could be exhausting

Watch the moon glow….

I do
Infinite possibilities
Unwanted preoccupations
Call it lovers ingestion, ya know
I can’t even remember your name
It could be lost in moral obligations
shit…Your bop was my ghetto religion,
I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed
chasing dragonflies in the morning
while you pressed my condescending hair
Everyone around me saw the glare
I tasted the shadows


What do they look like? well…
Manipulations, undesired sex, forgotten in significance
Wondering what’s left or right, and…
If my medication needed a cure to stand alone without a pipe and..
a transparent visitor of sorts
A darkness in pink shorts
no one could see you but me
even though i wreaked of 100% proof tyranny
Silent screams that could race me to me last breath
Do I sound dramatic or climatic huh?
Just ask a woman who desires her cries to be absorbent unto her man
Instead he promises the sky
We all she really wants…….is you!