The Writer


I can’t stand fear! It is a debilitating force I wish we had a pill to eliminate with one blow.It’s a seductive force society snickers behind another’s back to control, manipulate and falter in in shame. I will present a machete to it’s brain every chance i get.

Chasing Shadows

This song appeared like a ghost….a shadow. On the cuff a bad relationship in which I wanted to remind myself of why I was so tired. So many wanted to ejected me with energy to deal with something that was already dead. Chasing shadows is a waste of time!

An Oceanic Love Story

I’m so glad the ocean’s love is not arrogant. It’s openhandedly reminds us of how to tune in to all the beautiful extensions of life….here’s my account!

And I Gave My Love To You

This most public, musical/lyrical claim to MY fame came to me like a miracle dressed in Cross Colors overalls (fashion statement of the 90’s) Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds forced me to write three verses to his one chorus in fifteen minutes because he had to go to his sons baseball game. I sighed, pulled out my… Read more »

Thoughts And Wishes … After The Storm

ON THE CUFF OF MY BRAND NEW EBOOK…”THOUGHTS AND WISHES…AFTER THE STORM” I FEEL LIKE THIS…. Ain’t nuttin else I’d rather do… If God came to me right now in the loudest voice possible.  Shaking my apartment from the bottom floor to it’s roof tops sayin… “Sonja I’m here to relieve you of your concerns. … Read more »