The Real

Christmas Day 2015 – Full moon in Cancer! awwww…!

The auspicious allure of Christmas lights excites my sense to dream, look for magic and stare into their flickering display of wonder and possibility…one of the elements of Christmas I cannot get enough of. This year, a full moon in Cancer falls on December 25…absolutely divine! An accumulation of emotions will begin to burst at… Read more »

No More Denial!

Reluctant is the word of the day. Apprehensive of sharing what’s really on my heart and  mind.  I hide behind 50 journals I have proudly claimed since I was 10 years old.  It’s very easy to grip their friendship as the savior to my soul.  They don’t judge me, react to my faults, cuddle my… Read more »

Never Alone!

Every morning I pass her.  On the corner of La Tijera and Manchester wondering how those coordinates dare find her.  How many children does she have?  Was she once a Queen in a far away land?  Does her platinum hair sport mishaps of a bad color treatment or has the sun drenched her crown in… Read more »

The World Needs Us

I was raised in New Rochelle and Yonkers, NY! Like so many little brown girls, I was surrounded by woman that were strong, no nonsense and resourceful.  They sported a wrinkle brow of injustice and torn labias of misuse. I admired them!  They reminded me to see bullshit coming and put my hands on my… Read more »

Ms Nina Simone

I laid naked to possibilities of being a superstar when we first met.  28 years old, just dropped from LaFace Records with no idea what the heck I was gonna do. I was ankle deep into my Saturn Return and in mad conflict with my talents, my voice, my presence,  my responsibility to joy.  Almost… Read more »