An Oceanic Love Story

I’m so glad the ocean’s love is not arrogant. It’s openhandedly reminds us of how to
tune in to all the beautiful extensions of life….here’s my account!

She quietly tells a tale of dedication and change.
The loving magnetic existence,
the moon maidens vane.
She teaches how time kidnaps steady and easy sometimes pretends,
Just like the morning,
you rise in the magic of a new beginning.
Reminds you two beautiful beings,
You have been here before.
Through entangled tsunamis and the sweet surfaces of a calm song.
She welcomes you back home.
Openly with power and reign.
The seagulls, the fairies, the dolphins, the rocks, the world beneath what we see.
All honored to usher you off into the majesty of the unknown.
Baptizing ego to reveal little fault.
Caressing injuries when there’s no gain.
Reflecting clouds in order to glimmer a possibility.
She is the Nurturer of your ride.That’s why we all reside…here!
To add to her never ending love story of truth.
Sweet cleansing truth!
Call on her conviction…
Watch the universe take sides…
She encompasses our atmosphere…
making LOVE the guide!